Cat Excavators:

323F L Hydraulic Excavator

Engine Model
Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
Net Flywheel Power
161 hp
Operating Weight*
50900 lb
Net Power – SAE J1349/ISO 9249
161 hp

The new Cat 323F L OEM is a purpose-built machine powered by a fuel-efficient U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final C7.1 ACERT engine. With plenty of counterweight, robust structures, a state-of-the-art hydraulic system, and Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope* you can work – literally – all day long with tremendous stability, speed, and precision. When you add in a quiet operator environment that keeps you comfortable and productive, easy-to-reach service points that make your routine maintenance fast and simple, and multiple Cat work tools that help you take on a variety of tasks, you just won’t find a better, more efficient 23-ton excavator – any place, anywhere. Bottom line: No matter what industry you are in, you need the versatile Cat 323F L in your fleet. *Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope hardware is standard with R2.9 (9’6″) sticks. See “Integrated Technologies” within the “BENEFITS AND FEATURES” tab for more details.

Benefits & Features

Product Specs

  • Engine

  • Engine Model
    Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
    Net Flywheel Power
    Net Power – SAE J1349/ISO 9249
    Net Power – ISO 14396
    Engine rpm – Operation
    Engine rpm – Travel
  • Weights

  • Operating Weight*
    Frontless Weight
    *Dependent on application, Review
  • Hydraulic System

  • Main System – Maximum Flow (2 pumps)
    Main System – Maximum Flow (per pump)
    Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Heavy Lift Mode
    Maximum Pressure – Equipment/Travel
    Maximum Pressure – Swing
    Pilot System Maximum Flow for Implement
    Pilot System Maximum Pressure
  • Drive

  • Maximum Travel Speed
    Maximum Drawbar Pull
  • Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed
    Swing Torque
  • Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    Cooling System
    Engine Oil
    Swing Drive (each)
    Final Drive (each)
    Hydraulic System (including tank)
    Hydraulic Tank
    DEF Tank
  • Track

  • Standard with Long Undercarriage
    Optional for Long Undercarriage
    Number of Shoes Each Side – Long Undercarriage
    Number of Track Rollers Each Side – Long Undercarriage
    Number of Carrier Rollers Each Side
  • Sound Performance

  • ISO 6395 (External)
    ISO 6396 (Inside Cab)
  • Standards

  • Brakes
    ISO 10265 2008
    ISO 10262 1998
    ISO 12117-2 2008


  • Engine
    • C7.1 ACERT certified to Tier 4 Final emission standards
    • Three selectable power modes: – HP, STD and ECO
    • Variable-speed fan with viscous clutch
    • One-touch low idle with automatic engine speed control
    • Automatic engine idle shutdown
    • Three-stage fuel filtration system with water separator and indicator
    • 4600 m (15,090 ft) altitude capability with derate from 3000 m (9,840 ft)
    • 52° C (126° F) high-ambient cooling capacity with derate from 48° C (118° F)
    • 115 amp alternator
    • Radial seal air filter with double filter element
    • Electric fuel priming pump
    • Capability of using biodiesel fuel (B20)
    • Starting kit for –18° C (0° F)
  • Hydraulics
    • One-touch lifting mode
    • Automatic two-speed travel
    • High-performance hydraulic return filter
    • Canada compliant accumulator
    • Fine swing control
    • Boom and stick drift reduction valve*
    • Array
  • Cab
    • Sound suppressed ROPS cab with viscous mount
    • Openable skylight as emergency exit
    • Openable laminated front upper windshield with assist device
    • Removable tempered lower windshield with in-cab storage bracket
    • High back seat with air suspension, seat heater and head rest
    • Fully adjustable seat, console and armrest
    • 51 mm (2 in) width seat belt
    • Full graphic 7 inch LCD monitor with distortion-free rearview camera picture
    • Automatic bi-level air conditioner with pressurized function
    • Joystick with modulation switch (one modulation switch and three on/off switches per one joystick)
    • Radial wiper
    • 24V AM/FM radio (includes auxiliary input)
    • 24V radio ready with stereo speakers and flexible antenna
    • 12V × 2 power supply with sockets (maximum 10 amp)
    • Washable floormat
    • Interior utilities: – Interior lighting – Coat hook – Beverage holder – Literature holder – Document holding space – Cab rear storage compartment
    • Sun screen roll type for 70/30 window
    • Straight travel pedal
  • Undercarriage And Structures
    • HD track rollers
    • Segmented (two-piece) track guiding guard
    • Grease lubricated track link
    • Tie down points on base frame
    • HD bottom guard
    • Swivel guard
  • Electrical
    • Maintenance-free battery
    • Centralized electrical disconnect switch
    • Cat Product Link
    • Programmable time-delay halogen working lights: – Storage box mounted (one) – Cab mounted (two)
  • Technology
    • Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope (Standard on R2.9 (9'6") sticks; optional on other lengths.)
  • Service And Maintenance
    • Engine oil, fuel, and hydraulic oil filters grouped for ease of maintenance
    • Sampling ports for Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·SSM)
    • Tilt-up air-to-air aftercooler (ATAAC) and swing-out type A/C condenser for easy maintenance
  • Safety And Security
    • Rearview camera with three mirrors and one additional cab mirror
    • RH hand rail and hand hold
    • Bolt-free service platform with anti-skid plate
    • Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls
    • Ground-level accessible secondary engine shutoff switch in cab
    • Signaling/warning horn
    • Safety hammer for cab evacuation
    • Travel alarm
  • Engine
    • –32° C (–26° F) with jump start receptacle
  • Hydraulics
    • Medium-pressure circuit
    • Tool control system
  • Cab
    • Control pattern quick changer
    • 75 mm (3 in) width seat belt, if necessary
  • Undercarriage And Structures
    • 4100 kg (9,040 lb) standard counterweight
    • 4700 kg (10,360 lb) extra counterweight for Super Long Reach
    • 5350 kg (11,700 lb) for heavy configuration
    • 600 mm (24 in) single grouser shoe
    • 790 mm (31 in) triple grouser shoe
    • 790 mm (31 in) triple grouser heavy-duty shoe
    • HD Reach 5.7 m (18'8'') boom, Heavy Counterweight Configuration
  • Service And Maintenance
    • PM (Preventative Maintenance) ready (QuickEvac)
  • Safety And Security
    • FOGS (bolt-on)
    • Vandalism guard
    • Boom lowering control device and stick lowering check valve
    • Rubber bumper

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